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About Us


My name is chavaz Thomas, I am the lead photographer at Chavaz Thomas Photography. During my high school days, I became fascinated with cameras and the memories a single photo captured. After graduating life became so hectic, I forgot my passion until I met my now fiancé. She also loves taking photographs, unfortunately, she

shoots with a Nikon eww. 

The moment I Picked up her camera and started shooting it rekindled my passion for photography. Shortly after I invested in my first entry-level professional camera and begun challenging her with landscape and sunsets photos. The more I learned about photography the more passionate and dedicated I became. This new world of peace and amazement I refused to put on the back burner again. Wanting to keep that feeling alive Chavaz Thomas Photography was born in 2017.


Today, I continue to educate myself about all things photography to better improve my skills and the quality of images I give my clients. 

Chavaz Thomas


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